2018 Lake Michigan Day

FriDay, August 10   at 9AM

2018 Lake Michigan Day will be held on Friday, August 10, at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc. This year's theme is Blue Accounting as it relates to Lake Michigan, featuring engaging and informative presenters.  Registration is $20 and includes lunch.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum, 75 Maritime Drive, Manitowoc, will host us and there will be a social hour on the upper deck. Watch for further details coming soon!  

Registration deadline: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

what is lake michigan day?

Lake Michigan Day was started in 2014 to highlight the importance of this great water body to the basin’s environment and economy. The Lake Michigan Stakeholders promotes this basin-wide event to highlight the special connections people have to this unique world treasure.

Clean water is a basic right and necessity for all life. If you live near Lake Michigan, you are fortunate to be living near one of the world’s largest lakes. Every day, each of the human residents of the Lake Michigan basin use water from the lake for drinking, home use, industrial use, or recreation. The lake is also essential for countless fish, birds, animals, and plants.


To show appreciation for the lake, individuals, communities, businesses, tribes, First Nations, churches and other groups celebrate Lake Michigan Day each year on the second Friday in August. Lake Michigan Day is a time set aside to consider our connection to Lake Michigan’s water. Each Lake Michigan Day, all residents who live, work, play, and worship around the lake can organize events in their communities or take action in their homes, at their places of employment or in community groups to help protect the treasure that is Lake Michigan.


Last year, more than 100 natural resource professionals and policymakers gathered at UW-Manitowoc for the second annual Lake Michigan Day. They discussed the challenges of managing Lake Michigan for present and future generations. They also presented solutions.

Lake Michigan Stakeholders encourages residents of the Lake Michigan Basin and beyond to celebrate their connection to the lake. Consider how you can participate in your community. Beach clean-ups, restoration projects, musical concerts, library displays, water-themed church services, and signed proclamations that designate the second Friday in August as Lake Michigan Day are all possibilities.

Host your own Event!

Consider hosting a Lake Michigan Day event in your community. We have resources available for libraries, environmental groups/nature centers, elected officials, artists, faith communities, anglers, and businesses. Check out the Host An Event page to learn more. Don’t forget to register your event. We will send some goodies to help promote your event and provide fun giveaways to event participants. Register Here!


Fun Facts

  • Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake entirely within the United States.
  • The Lake Michigan shoreline is over 1,600 miles long – the distance from Chicago to the Florida Keys!
  • The five Great Lakes contain 90% of the U.S. fresh water supply and 18% of the world’s fresh water supply.
  • Over 2 million Wisconsin residents live on or near the shoreline of Lake Michigan.
  • Water from Lake Michigan impacts us all economically.  We use it for drinking, food, bathing, industry – every day.