Lake Michigan Champions of Conservation
2018 Nomination Form

Please fill out this form, save the file with the name of the nominee and the date of your submission, and email it to no later than end of business day on May 1, 2018.

All nominations must relate back to work within the Lake Michigan basin.

Award categories:

  • ŸWater Resources Protection: Projects that improve or restore degraded reaches of streams or rivers, lakes or wetlands in the Lake Michigan basin, or monitoring programs that can lead to improvements. Management actions that protect and improve the Lake Michigan fishery will also be considered.
  • Environmental Education and Outreach: Projects that advance knowledge and understanding of environmental issues, principles and stewardship through innovative communication and education methods.
  • ŸLand Use Protection and Habitat Restoration: Focuses on the efforts of individuals or groups developing projects for the restoration and/or protection of unique or endangered regional ecosystems

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Nominator's Name:
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Please include Title, Organization, Address, Phone, and Email.
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Include Name, Title, Organization, and Phone/Email